Joe Nichols Wants to Know 'The Shape You're In'

Posted by Webb on 08/31/2010


If you’ve ever wanted to share your own secret while remaining anonymous, Joe Nichols“The Shape I’m In” website may be your answer. The Show Dog -Universal Music artist has set up a website that allows people to do just that – create their own postcard with a message about the shape they’re in and have it posted. It can be fun, serious or anything in between.
“We came up with this idea as a great way to connect people to a larger community,” Nichols explained. “Sometimes you just want to get something off your chest, or you want to get creative and have some fun. ‘The Shape I’m In’ website lets you do that — you’ll see your postcard alongside other people’s, and it’s all anonymous. I think this is something people will really like —whether you’re just reading other people’s reports on what shape they’re in or you get involved and post your own.”
Participating is easy — just create your own ‘postcard’ with your message, and send it to The card will then be posted on the website. 
Nichols’ latest single, also titled “The Shape I’m In,” is the follow-up to his three-week No. 1 hit, “Gimmie That Girl.” Both songs can be found on his recent CD, Old Things New.