Jimmy Wayne Walks, Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift Score

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First off, I don’t care if that Groundhog sees his shadow or not (it’s nice to have the ability to shed), I just hope he comes out long enough for me to catch him!

Jimmy Wayne Should Get A Forrest Gump Award or Something
Jimmy Wayne is still on his trek across the country to raise awareness and hopefully funds to help homeless children and families. Jimmy told The Boot that he is enjoying himself so much he might not stop at his original destination of Phoenix but keep on going. Wayne says, "Find that happiness whether it's in your relationship or whatever it is. There's no feeling like knowing that you're out there because you're happy. That's a great feeling.” I know; I know, I get that feeling chasing rabbits.
I Knew Carrie Underwood’s Video Was Good But…
Carrie Underwood’s video for “Before He Cheats” has been voted Video of the Decade by country music fans. Finishing right behind her were Trace Adkins’ “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk,” Toby Keith’s “How Do You Like Me Now?,” Sugarland’s “Stay” and Kid Rock’s “All Summer Long.” I like a woman that can handle a ball bat.
Taylor Swift Has Enough Metal To Build Another Bird Cage
Taylor Swift, the queen of sincere excitement at award shows, picked up 4 Grammy Awards Sunday night, including the big Album of the Year. Woof’s to Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum and the Zac Brown Band for also taking home trophies. Is it true Kanye West was restrained in his seat while Taylor gave her acceptance speeches?
Keith Urban Does, Does Not, Support Illegal Downloading
Keith Urban told The Tennessean he carefully planned his Grammy speech so it wouldn’t be like The People’s Choice Awards when he blurted out he didn’t care if fans downloaded his music illegally. Keith says he had too much time at the People awards and didn’t say what he meant. He meant he just likes it when fans turn others on to his music. Keith says,  “For the record, I absolutely care about my music not being taken for free. But I love when people are passionate and want to turn friends on to music.” I’ll bet he got a scolding from Nicole after his guffaw.

Kenny Chesney Brings Super Bowl Festivities To You

Kenny Chesney has an online radio station, did you know that?  It is called No Shoes Radio and is at www.noshoesradio.com.  Anyway, Kenny is a bug football fan and so he’s streaming his broadcast from South Beach some this week.  Check it out at the site…sounds like times will vary as in when Kenny feels like it.  No shoes…I like that!

“Oh Say Can You See” Carrie Underwood Singing at Super Bowl?
Sure you can. Carrie Underwood will perform the national anthem at this Sunday’s Super Bowl XLIV in Miami. Oh yeah, there’s a game after her performance too between the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints. I wonder if Carrie will get an award for national anthem of the decade?