Jimmy Wayne Shares Stories From The Road

Posted by Stephanie Myers on 02/02/2010

One month after taking the first step out of Nashville for the Meet Me Halfway trek across America, Country singer Jimmy Wayne sat down and shared stories with AOL’s The Boot.

The singer said he has encountered many families who have supported and helped him along the road to raising awareness and funding for homeless youth. Some Good Samaritans have cooked for him and washed his laundry, while others have shared their heartfelt, personal stories.
“I had this one guy tell me about hanging himself,” Jimmy recalled. “A woman found him hanging. He's doing this as he's cooking me breakfast. So some strange stuff like that, but we talked, and he was a really cool guy. He says, 'I'm so glad that I didn't die. It was a stupid thing that I did, but I was depressed.' It broke his neck -- tore a bunch of ligaments in his neck, but the woman came and cut the rope down and took him to the hospital. These people feel like they can tell me these stories.”
When asked if he wished he would have known anything prior to beginning the trek, Wayne said, “You might want to take a lighter out there so you can unthaw your tent poles, because they freeze. It takes you extra time to get them to thaw out!”
Wayne is expected to reach the end of his trek, in Phoenix, in late March or early April. To find out where Wayne is on the road, visit: http://meetmehalfway.jimmywayne.com/.