Jimmy Wayne Has Something To Smile About

Jimmy Wayne brings in an impressive team for his upcoming single, "Sara Smile," a re-make of the classic 1976 hit by Hall & Oates.  Wayne's label head, Scott Borchetta, called in successful producer Dann Huff who has worked with several country acts including Faith Hill, Rascal Flatts and Keith Urban. 

If that team wasn't enough, they also roped in the original singers of the song, Darryl Hall & John Oates, to lend their harmony on the song.  According to GACtv.com, Darryl Oates says, “‘Sara Smile’ is a song that I wrote a long time ago, but it still has the same power that time has not altered. Its simple emotional message transcends all styles and formats. Jimmy’s a great singer and does the song proud.”

Jimmy said he had a sense of relief after he knew the amazing talent that was going to be behind his next single.  Jimmy says, "I chose Dann Huff to produce ‘Sara Smile’ because I’ve paid close attention to Dann’s work over the past ten years and I’ve met him several times. Each time he was genuinely nice and humble. I felt that I have the song that’s been my shield and my sword since the beginning of my career and the most incredible record label, mirrored by the image of Scott Borchetta, so why not have the best producer out there! It was like magic when Scott called me and suggested, ‘We should ask Dann Huff to produce ‘Sara Smile’.’ There was a million pounds lifted off of me instantly.”

Look for Jimmy Waynes new album titled, Sara Smile, out in stores on November 24.