Jimmy Wayne Arrives, Sugarland Stumbles, Trace Talks

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Jimmy Wayne Finishes His Gump Walk
God love him, Jimmy Wayne finished his Meet Me Halfway walk of 1,700 miles this past Sunday in Phoenix. Jimmy, a former foster child who walked to raise awareness for their cause, was hobbled the last few days of his walk by a broken heel, but he pressed on. Congratulations Jimmy, but if you ever want to take me for a walk I believe I’ll pass. I’m still building up to a mile.
Sugarland’s Incredible Machine Is Malfunctioning
Both Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush of Sugarland have described their upcoming release as “steampunk”. Now they say they want to take that back. Too late. The first single, “Stuck Like Glue”, has been edited by some country radio stations because of some weird sound effects. Well, I do find all this pretty “incredible”!
Trace Adkins Unplugged
CMT premiered Trace Adkins Unplugged on August 2. Trace does some stripped down versions of his hits, including off his upcoming release Cowboy’s Back In Town; along with interacting with the live audience it was recorded before. Trace told the crowd his performance was in 3rd grade, dressed up like a cat. He said he was so embarrassed he didn’t perform again until he was 17. Dress up like a cat? How demeaning is that? A cat? Grrrrrrr.
Tanya Tucker Is Not The Happiest Girl
Tanya has sued producer Gregg A. Brown of Nashville for a laundry-list of things. Primarily she says he recorded some of her performances so she could shop them around, but he won’t give them to her. Tanya also claims he did not use $145,000 her friends invested in the deal; he ran up other debts including a $5,000 limo bill, and he wrecked one of her cars. Sounds to me like “It’s A Little Too Late To Do The Right Thing Now”.
Charlie Daniels Releases Patriotic CD Soon
The Charlie Daniels is releasing Land That I Love in a week or two (this isn’t exact journalism here). It is a patriotic release with some remake of CDB classics like “This Ain’t No Rag, It’s A Flag”. Talk about “land that I love”, you should see Chuck’s spread outside Nashville. I could do some serious tracking there!