Jessica Simpson May Have Tony Romo But...

Posted by on 06/06/2008

...She has nothing on Carrie Underwood when it comes to Country Music chops. And with Romo's goofy ears and mediocre looks, Carrie again, (not only in music, brains and talent,) has Simpson beat.

In my head I can imagine the unspoken brawl between the two; not only does Simpson take Carrie's ex-flame, she's moved into her professional stomping grounds as well.

But, I feel bad for Jessica. What does she have left? Her marriage didn't work out, her movie career flopped and her pop career was unexceptional at best. It's as if Jessica just couldn't stand being in the shadow of the Hollywood limelight anymore and scooted over to country, reclaiming her roots as a small-town Texas girl. A small-town Texas girl that didn't know who Robert E. Lee was. (I remember watching that episode of Newlyweds, my mouth hit the floor.)

What I can't wrap my brain around is why Jessica, who's a knock-out with an incredible vocal range, can't sing. The only reason I like her single "Come on Over" is because it doesn't sound anything like her, so maybe she will find a home in Nashville. However her consistency in over singing everything is something that scares me. I will be ready with earplugs when I test out her album in the fall.

Overall Jessica's single is catchy in a Deana Carter, post-"Strawberry Wine" way. I can still hum the song in my head and enjoy it, but by no means am I rushing to iTunes to see if it's available to download.

The bosom blond has been canned by Country Music bloggers, but that isn't surprising. I hardly expected Jess to release something Miranda Lambert-ish-- that would be too good. Simpson sticks to a safe, upbeat, fun single that has debuted with the No. 41 spot on Billboard's Hot Country.

And even though some Nashville radio stations have dared to say she's as good as Carrie, Country Music authority CMT isn't too impressed with Simpson's cross-over release, either.

I must say, I can't decide whose Country album I am looking forward to the least: Diana Degarmo's or Jessica Simpson's. At least I can expect Diana's to have John Rich's nod on it. I will be sampling Jessica's with earplugs and Carrie Underwood on hand to soothe the pain.