Jennifer Nettles Is Happy With Her Gay Fans

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Kudos To Grand Ole Opry For Helping Fight Breast Cancer
For two shows in October the Grand Ole Opry will invite Carrie Underwood on stage to flip the switch that will turn their signature barn backdrop pink. Also if you order Grand Ole Opry tickets use the code OPRYPINK and $5 of each ticket will go to help support breast cancer research. Nice job Grand Ole Opry!
Jennifer Nettles Loves Her Gay Fans
Jennifer Nettles recently told that she is aware of a large gay following, particularly lesbians, that Sugarland has and she’s proud of it. Jennifer says she’s played at Gay Pride day in Atlanta on three different occasions. I’m always gay when I hear Sugarland...I mean it is good music. 
Kenny Chesney Loves His Football Fans
Kenny Chesney has written and recorded a song, “This Is Our Moment”, that will be used by ESPN throughout the football season this fall. Kenny got the idea after appearing on ESPN’s Game Day from Vanderbilt last year. I’m working on one myself called “Fetch Me A Win Boys”.
Faith Hill Loves Her Football Too!
For the third year Faith Hill’s recording of “Waiting All Day For Sunday Night” will be the opening anthem for Sunday Night Football. I don’t know about you but it is kind of hard for me to concentrate on the game after watching Faith sing. Grrrrr.
It’ll Be A Good Morning For Some Country Music Stars
Watch Good Morning America on September 9 to see who the finalist for the CMA Awards will be this year. They’ll be announced live on the show. Personally I’m boycotting it until they institute a category for Top Dawg In Country Music. Woof.