Jason Sturgeon Readies Debut Single

Posted by Laura Travis on 02/03/2010

Up-and-coming Country artist Jason Sturgeon will released his debut single, "Simple Life," to radio in April. While Sturgeon is an artist, he is also an executive at his record label, Toolpusher Records, where he'll have a "hands on" approach of getting his music out there. 

As well as having his hand in the business side of the music, Sturgeon also wrote or co-wrote every song from his forthcoming album, That's Me, which is due out later this year.

Born and raised in the small town of Petersburg, Ind., Sturgeon grew up in a family of coal miners, farmers and oilmen. His single, "Simple Life," reminiscent of Justin Moore's "Small Town USA," describes the town: “Let me tell you ‘bout my hometown, streets roll up when the sun goes down, hustle and bustle don’t mean a thing, except on Friday night. Two stoplights and an IGA, a little park where the children play – place where people mean what they say and say it right to your face…around here it’s the simple life, ain’t got too far but I’m doin’ alright. In love I believe and for freedom I’ll fight, I’m happy living the simple life.”