James Otto Shares Concerns Over Teen Choice Awards

Posted by Alexis Gonzalez on 08/12/2010

During the telecast of the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday night, James Otto took to Twitter to share his criticisms of the program. The opinions and concerns shared by Otto likely found root in his soon-to-be-born daughter, Ava Katherine.

One of the tweets posted by Otto was aimed at presenter Kim Kardashian. “Call me old fashioned but the fact that a porn star is a presenter on the Teen Choice awards is kinda messed up,” said Otto.
Otto also commented on the appearances of Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez on the award show. “Selena Gomez posted nude pics of herself on the Internet, Miley Cyrus is running around with no panties for the paparazzi.” Otto also proceeded to correct his error regarding Selena Gomez. “I’ve been corrected. Selena Gomez does not have nude pics. It’s Vanessa Hudgens. My apologies to Selena,” posted Otto.
Otto and his wife, Amy, are expecting their daughter on Aug. 23, a short two days after he finishes touring with Trace Adkins and Toby Keith. 
“If the baby comes early, I’ll be on the first flight home,” Otto told AOL’s The Boot. “I’m taking a couple of weeks off right after the baby is born so I can be there to help Amy take care of her. I want to be there for the birth of my child for sure. It’s one of those things that you just don’t know how many times it will happen in your life, and I want to be there to experience it all.”
Source: The Boot