Jack Ingram Lovers & Haters Are Alright by Him

Posted by Laura Travis on 02/22/2010

Jack Ingram explained to GAC that he doesn't mind if people love him or hate him. In his mind, the saying "any publicity is good publicity" is true and means that people, including lovers and haters, know who he is.
"I want people to hate me," Ingram told GAC. "There are more people who hate Aerosmith than know who I am. I want people to make a choice. That means I'm making art that might leave a stamp. That's cool by me."

Having said this, Ingram is quick to point out that he doesn't want to be harmed by those who don't like his music. "I don't want people to beat me up or come chase me and come tell me they hate me," he stated, "but I do want people to make a choice about my music and buy in ... or opt out."

Ingram is currently out on the road with The Eli Young Band and Gary Allan. His most recent single, "Free" can be heard on Country radio now.

Source: TheBoot.com