It's True, It's True, Sarah Buxton Has A New Release

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Ferlin Husky, Don Williams, Jimmy Dean and Billy Sherrill In Country Music Hall of Fame

The Country Music Hall of Fame announced this week that Ferlin Husky, Don Williams, Jimmy Dean and Billy Sherrill will be inducted into the hall. I sure hope Jimmy brings some of that sausage to the ceremonies! And I sure do like a man with a name like Husky. Ferlin remarked at the announcement, “"I'd like to thank my Lord Jesus Christ for dying for me, saving my soul, and bringing me into the world as a country boy. Well Amen Ferlin.
True Story – Sarah Buxton Has a CD Released
Sarah Buxton has gotten a lot of attention around Nashville and the country music biz for several years now, including two nominations for the Academy of Country Music’s Top New Female Vocalist award (I’m not quite sure how you can get nominated twice for that but anyway). She also wrote Keith Urban’s Grammy winning hit “Stupid Boy”. But she never had her own release, until yesterday when Sarah Buxton, the CD, came out. You can also catch her opening for Martina McBride and Trace Adkins. Congratulations Sarah!
Taylor Swift Label Big Machine Signs Comedienne Melissa Peterman
Big Machine records has signed Melissa Peterman, host of CMT’s The Singing Bee and Barbra Jean on the Reba show, to a recording contract. The comedienne joked that she always wanted to be a recording artist because she always wanted a tour bus, according to Country Standard Time. Peterman was also Hooker #2 in the movie Fargo. Wow, Hooker #2, now that’s big.
Just Call James Otto Big Daddy
Big man James Otto and his wife Amy are expecting their first child, according to People. I guess that’s as opposed to “according to Dogs”. Anyway, James has been married to Amy for five years and they are very excited. Useless trivia, Amy’s sister Allison is married to Rascal Flatts’ Jay DeMarcus. Aren’t you glad you didn’t pass through this life without knowing that?
Rascal Flatts On CSI
Catch the boys of Rascal Flatts on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation on Thursday March 4. You’d think if they want to do a crime scene investigation show they’d possibly think about having a Bloodhound on, not that I’d know where they could find one or anything. I’m just thinking out loud here. Good luck Flatts’ boys. Break a leg!