Illness Forces Merle Haggard To Cancel Concerts

Posted by Ava-Lauren Moses on 09/15/2010
Merle Haggard
A respiratory illness has forced Merle Haggard, 73, to cancel 10 shows, but his rep says it's nothing more serious than a chest infection.
When AOL's The Boot spoke to Haggard last week, he was in the process of planning a tour in support of his most recent album, I Am What I Am. The stubborn singer refused to let his minor illness stop him. "I'm fine. I had a little walking pneumonia," he explained. "It was one of those things where you have something in your chest and sinuses and you can't get rid of it, but I finally did."
This past weekend, Haggard was traveling around the outskirts of Salt Lake City and began to feel congested. He decided to turn the tour bus around and go home because sickness and the change of weather is never a great combination. His tour was scheduled to begin Sept 15 in Anderson, Ind., but has been planned for a later date.
Haggard underwent lung surgery less than two years ago when doctors discovered he had non-small cell lung cancer.