" If I Were A Cat"

Posted by Webb on 03/16/2011
Webb licking.JPG
I know it’s not really Reba’s song, it’s Beyonce’s, but just seeing an ad about it on GACTV.com made me wonder what it would be like if I wrote a song like that. So the equivalent for me is “If I Were A Cat”.
If I were a cat
Maybe just for one night
I’d stealth around like nothing
And get into a fight
I’d sit up on that window sill
Look out at birds
You know the drill
Think about which one I’d kill.
If I were a cat
I swear I’d be better than that
I might chase a mouse
If it got in the house
And sure enough
I’d corner it
It’d squeak a lot
and pitch a fit.
I’d let it go
Then catch it again
Just to let it know it can’t come in.
Then release it with a big grin.
If I were a cat
I’d take all those things that make them smart
Put it together with my dog’s heart
And then I’d be the purrfect pet.
One like you ain’t seen just yet.
If I were a cat.