I Sure Do Miss Jimmy Wayne, Wonder Where He Is Now?

Webb Sad face

Former American Idol Finalist Danny Gokey Releasing Country Album

This coming Tuesday Danny Gokey will release My Best Days. The first release off that, “My Best Days Are Ahead of Me”, is currently climbing the country charts. The song was written by a man who’s wife had just died. Danny’s wife died just weeks before his American Idol run. I love Danny’s quote from Wynonna, “a dead-end street is just a place to turn around”. Woof.
Reba Knows Fashion
Did you know Dillard’s carries a line of clothing designed by Reba? Reba told the Wichita Post that she is very qualified on fashion, because she’s done all the wrong things and learned from that. The country music superstar says she’s also learned clothes do not have to be expensive to fit well and look good. I wonder if she’s got any nice dog collars in that line?
Keith Urban on Jimmy Kimmel Live: After The Academy Awards
It will be on this coming Sunday night after the late local news. Robert Downey Jr. will also be a guest. Look for Keith to perform his latest single, “Til Summer Comes Around”.   Can’t wait Keith, to see you and till summer comes around. That reminds me I need to get my flea and tick medicine on.
Jessica Harp Chooses Songwriting Over Performing, Releases New Album
Yes you read it right. In a letter posted on her website Jessica, formerly partners with Michelle Branch in The Wreckers, says she has decided to quit pursuing a singing career. In the same letter she talks about releasing her new album March 16., digitally that is. I want to announce that I will no longer blog and you can read all the details in all my future blogs. Woof.
“Church Choir” Is Full These Days
That’s what Eric Church’s fans call themselves and they’re turning out religiously to see their leader. Eric’s “Jagermeister Country Tour” is selling out across the country. This tour ends soon and he’ll join Hank Williams Jr. on his “Rowdy Friends” tour. Brothers and sisters can I get an “Amen” for Eric’s success? Maybe a Woof?
Where’s Jimmy Wayne Now?
I really don’t know. Is he in Phoenix yet?