I Have Some Serious Questions For Rascal Flatts

Posted by Webb on 03/12/2010
Webb Huh

Some public relations firm is doing some publicity thing for Rascal Flatts.  Something about CountryHound visitors can help us come up with 5 questions to ask Rascal Flatts.  Why 5 questions,  I don't know?  Why not 3, or 6, or 10?
Anyway, I think in the end it is supposed to drive people to some website of theirs or raise publicity for their tour or something.  Be that as it is, I wanted to help our visitors by coming up with some questions of my own:

  1. Is Rascal Flatts plural or singular?  I mean when we're trying to make our verbs and nouns match in a sentence would you say for instance, "Rascal Flatts are" or "Rascal Flatts is"?  I say it is singular as in "the band is" and not "the band are", but most people treat it as plural.  Or can you maybe just drop the "s"?
  2. So if Joe Don Rooney and his ex-Playmate Bunny/wife Tiffany Fallon keep having these babies, do they come out with big ears?
  3. How does that Gary guy spell his last name?
  4. Can you come play at my 4th Birthday party this June 15th?
  5. What do you eat on your bus?
  6. Do you really wear JC Penny clothing?
  7. Do you like dogs?

So there's some of mine, leave me a comment here of what you'd like to ask the boys.  Woof.