How does Keith Urban Defy Gravity?

Posted by Webb on 07/27/2009
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Finally I Can See A Jason Aldean Concert
For some of us, present company included, it can be difficult to get out and see Jason Aldean in concert. Most coliseums aren’t dog-friendly you know. Those urinals are just too high for me. Anyway, you can catch a DVD of Jason Aldean’s show from Knoxville last spring. It will be out this August 25th. The only thing better would be catching a ride on his Big Green Tractor. Woof.
Gretchen Wilson’s No Girly-Girl
She may not be Arnold what’s-his-name but she’s no girly-girl either. Gretchen Wilson, who is working on a new album to follow-up her double-platinum debut Here For The Party, says she’s not one to go shopping, unless you are talking about somewhere like Lowe’s. However, Gretchen says she may cry while watching Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and doing her nails at the same time. I know what you mean Gretchen, I hate it when someone gets into the quick of my nails too.
Keith Defies Gravity With Good Balance Now
Keith Urban tells the Celebrity Baby Blog he has found a way to combine two loves…his family (daughter Sunday Rose and wife Nicole Kidman) and playing live. Keith planned his present tour so he can fly to the first show each week and bus the rest. It means he gets a few days at home each week. Keith says it also means he’s ready to play come the first show because being away from it a couple days makes him miss performing. I know what you mean about balance Keith. If I leave my chew bone alone a couple days I’m always ready to get back to it.
Tracy Lawrence Honorary Citizen of San Antonio
Tracy Lawrence will become an honorary citizen of San Antonio on August 14 just before his scheduled performance there that night. I’m not sure what privileges that entails, but it couldn’t be anything near the shear pleasure of actually living in middle Tennessee. Woof.
Trailer Choir Is Rockin’ The Downloads
Trailer Choir is enjoying some success with it’s current single, “Rockin’ The Beer Gut”. They are enjoying some hefty numbers on downloads and ringtone downloads of ths song. It’s such an emotionally moving song too!
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