Honor Your Doggy Best Friend & Help Others Keep Theirs!

Posted by Webb on 07/02/2008

Excuse me for doggin' you on this one, but if you haven't entered your pet into my new Paw of Fame, well what kind of best friend are you?

Entering is easy, just visit my Paw of Fame promotion page, no hunting or searching for it...you'll see how we tried to make it easier for you to enter to.

If I had opposable thumbs I'd sure do it for you, but I don't so I can't.

Just think of all the love your special pet has shown you. There for you all the time. Never asking for much, maybe a belly rub or a treat, maybe to go outside for some serious business. They've given you a bunch of unconditionable love, so return the love to them.

Best of all, if your pet's pic is voted to be the best by our loyal fans, you'll get some free bucks to spoil your dog with at PetSmart. Now just think how happy your dog would be strolling the aisles at PetSmart looking for a special treat!

On the other hand, think of how they'd be getting their hackles up if they found out you didn't even enter their pic in the Paw of Fame. It'd be a dog-gone shame I'm tellin' ya.

So go to CountryHound's Paw of Fame page and follow the easy instructions for entering your pet, like a good dog. Otherwise you might come up short a nice leather shoe or two.

Now for something more serious... Please remember this during this holiday weekend, and when you are enjoying the dog days of summer... This really stops my tail from wagging. Last month 1,100 dogs were put to death at the Metropolitan Nashville dog pound. More disturbing than that is that the majority of these dogs were not strays. These were people's pets that the owners had to give up because they could not afford to feed them. 1,100 dogs, and that's in just one city. If ever something was a dog-gone shame, this is.

My good friends at CountryHound.com are presently putting together a program to help these people keep their dogs during this not-so-great economy, and get assistance in purchasing their food. Some Country Music stars are going to participate too. The program should be up and running very soon, and we thank you in advance for all of the love and support you give, not just to your dog, but all dogs and animals on this planet.

If you would like to be kept up to date on the status of the dog food assistance program, and get a heads up as to when we kick it off, just send me an email to webb@countryhound.com, and I will let you know. Thanks from me and all my pet friends out there. Woof!