Here's My New Year Resolutions, What's Yours?

Webb close up on the floor
Well it is that time of year again when everybody makes New Year resolutions that should really be January resolutions because that’s about how long they last. I’ll admit I’m not very good at it because I have the attention span of a Chihuaha or something. But I do try, so here’s mine for 2010:
Webb’s New Year’s Resolutions:
  • To slobber less.
  • To keep on sniffin’.
  • To stay out of the trash can.
  • To not scoot my butt across the floor.
  • To eat more nutritious foods.
  • To keep my nails trimmed and my coat brushed and clean.
  • To mark every utility pole I pass.
  • To sire some pups and then get neutered.
  • To not eat things that block my gastrointestinal passage.
  • To sleep in later so my human doesn’t have to get up so early and walk me.
  • Maybe to learn how to walk myself.
  • To spread some love by greeting everyone with a wagging tale and a big old wet kiss.
Since most of the country music stars are busy performing, recording and such, I thought I’d make some for some of them:
  • Taylor Swift – To not be surprised when I win an award.
  • Kellie Pickler – To leave my hair one color.
  • Carrie Underwood – To go back to being wholesome.
  • Brad Paisley – To feature my guitar playing more in my music.
  • Keith Urban – To not be quite so dang cute and adorable.
  • Tim McGraw – To leave security to security at my concerts.
  • Faith Hill – To keep Tim McGraw in-line at his concerts.
  • Alan Jackson – To get the tear in them jeans sewn up.
  • Garth Brooks – To behave himself in Vegas. 
  • Trisha Yearwood – To stay in Vegas with Garth to be sure he behaves himself.
  • Tracy Lawrence – To keep frying them turkeys. 
Happy New Year to everyone and may you remain committed to your resolutions. Woof.