From Walk to Wheels, Jimmy Wayne is Still On His Way

Posted by Amanda Duckworth on 02/11/2010

When Jimmy Wayne began his "Meet Me Halfway" journey, he set out with a goal to walk from Nashville to Phoenix to raise awareness for homeless teens. Now, as he heads into Oklahoma along Highway 70, he has the company of a driver, vehicle and RV to accompany his on his 1,700-mile walk.

The RV and vehicle are sponsored by Hiscall, which decided to get involved shortly after Wayne's tour began. The RV hosts a picture of Wayne along with his "Meet Me Halfway" Web site information and the Hiscall logo. The moving billboard gives Wayne a place to rest his feet and do some work before he begins walking every day.
"My plans were to leave Nashville alone," Wayne told The Boot. "It wasn't to ask for help; just to ask for support. Needless to say, Hiscall provided both help and support. It's allowed me a place to do my office work as well as a place to put my bag so my knees can heal. I'm very thankful for them!"
The driver of the RV is 23-year old Josh Lewis, who graduated from college last year with a degree in sports medicine. With this knowledge, Lewis has been able to help Wayne with things such as blisters and fatigue as the walk continues.  But Lewis also says that this experience has taught him a lesson as well.
"It has really changed my perspective on how the foster system works and how these kids are treated," said Lewis. "I grew up in a very blessed family. I had no clue what was going on [with foster homes], just like a lot of people. It has been a real eye opener for all us -- myself, my family and my friends."
Lewis also helps carry Wayne's 50-pound bag from time to time. The bag holds a tent and a sleeping bag, which Wayne uses to set up his sleeping arrangements for the night when weather permits. 
"This walk is about raising awareness, not about me carrying a bag on my back," said Wayne. "If someone offers to carry the bag, they can. If a company offers support and an RV, I'll sleep in it when they offer it that night. My goal and promise was to walk and share the stories of generosity the Americans bestow along the way during this journey."

CountyHound has been keeping up with Wayne's walk since it began on Jan. 1. Wayne was inspired to start this tour after reflecting back on his own life as a homeless teenager, who had aged out of the foster system and was turned out onto the streets.  He was eventually taken in by an older couple and has made a name for himself in Country Music with his first No. 1 hit "Do You Believe Me Now."

Keep checking back with CountryHound for more updates on Wayne's progress.