First, Betty White On SNL And Then The World!

Posted by justinC on 05/24/2010

First, Betty White On SNL And Then The World!

A Betty White SNL hosting gig had amassed a huge following, and then it happened. Individuals want to see a lot more. A new Facebook campaign aims to get Betty White picked to host the Oscars. The octogenarian is having a career renaissance, having had several big successes over the last few years, and after her turn in the Proposal with Sandra Bullock, she has become increasingly popular with the younger crowd. The Academy might get a ratings bump if they did lay down the payday cash advances to get Betty White to host.

Large ratings for Betty White SNL

The Betty White SNL was stellar. (Did you see the skit where she yelled "Wizard of …" never mind.) She was hilarious, and amusing and Saturday Night Live are things that are thought to not coincide anymore. (It's the truth. They've been slipping.) The ratings demonstrably improved. She thanked her fans for insisting on her appearance, and then called Facebook "a huge waste of time." There is now a Facebook group dedicated to Getting Betty White to Host The Academy Awards.

Betty White has sudden celebrity

Betty White has actually been a working actress for decades. She was on the Mary Tyler Moore Show, Golden Girls, and plenty of other appearances in between. Her role in the Proposal with Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock was also well received. She’s also had hilarious turns appearing sometimes on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and she had a humorous recurring role on Boston Legal.

Facebook quite the phenomenon

These Facebook campaigns are becoming quite the phenomenon. The Betty White SNL episode probably had a lot to do with it, and there was the whole Team Conan thing. You have to wonder if will work. She would probably be a riot.