Faith Hill, Brad Paisley Take on the Big Screen

Posted by Stephanie Myers on 04/23/2010
Country music stars Faith Hill and Brad Paisley will step away from music temporarily and put their talents on television and film, respectively.
According to Great American Country, Hill served guest judge on the season finale of the Heidi Klum-hosted fashion competition, Project Runway, on the Lifetime Network. The finale premiered Thursday night, and designer Set Aaron Henderson was chosen as the winner
“What I saw was truly extraordinary, and it made judging very difficult,” Hill said. “All of the designers were creative and imaginative. But there were some whose craftsmanship was impeccable. Designers, by trade, are always capable of sewing their own clothing, but the tailoring that I saw was extremely impressive; a few in particular knocked me out.”
Meanwhile, Paisley appeared at the finale of Nashville’s Film Festivale on Thursday with his short film, When Mom’s Away.
Paisley originally intended the film to be for his wife, Kimberly Williams-Paisley. GAC reported she had given the Country Music star a list of things to do and not to do when caring for their son, Jasper, while she was out of town. Paisley concocted a film, with the help of his band, to pull a prank on his wife.
“We no sooner had a sort of coast-is-clear situation than we went and bought a doll at Toys ‘R Us — a life-size, most-realistic doll we could find — and dressed it up in the same clothes [as Jasper],” Paisley laughed. They “had the doll on a horse, and we wanted to see how far down this hill that the stroller would go and what would happen. We filmed all this stuff, all these fictitious things that I put my son through — and shooting a gun, like a revolver, at a target; he’s not even two! — and then when she got home, I had it all edited and ready, pretty much like it is, other than the opening credits and stuff that I re-did, and said, ‘Press play.’ And it was horrifying but hilarious. Then I showed it to people, and they loved it.”
Paisley screened it another film festival, but he is being selective on how many people watch the film.
“I don’t really want it out, don’t want it on the Internet or anything like that, but [it’s OK] to make a few little film-festival stops and let people see it,” he said.
Source: GAC