Emerson Drive Learns Compassion with Compassion International

Posted by Laura Travis on 04/10/2009

The band members of Emerson Drive were given the opportunity to experience first hand how the organization they are teamed up with, Compassion International, provides care and services to underprivileged children in El Salvador. The Country group traveled to San Salvador, El Salvador, on March 23-26. 

Lead singer, Brad Mates, said, “I cannot say enough about the smiles and tears that the families we visited, had for the Compassion staff who make such a huge difference in the day to day lives of the sponsored kids. We believe 110% in Compassion. We were fortunate enough to see what goes on first hand with their organization when we visited El Salvador, and we are anxious to continue our support of Compassion and their programs in the years to come.”

The band was so moved by the organization that they are trying to develop new ways to get the Country Music community more involved with this cause. The organization exists to educate the youth of underprivileged countries at an early age so they can grow up having the tools and knowledge to change the conditions of their country.

For more information on Country Music's association with Compassion International, visit www.compassion.com/country. To see pictures of Emerson Drive's trip, visit www.emersondrive.com.