Does Blake Shelton Need His Mouth Washed Out With Soap?

Posted by Lisa Ann Schleipfer on 11/05/2009

Fans, and non-fans, of Blake Shelton know the Country Music artist of late for his rancorous humor and postings on Twitter. This week, in an interview with The Tennessean, the singer tried to explain his unfiltered ways.

"The truth is I finally got all my (expletive) paid off," Shelton said. "Once you get everything paid off, it's like, '(Who cares) if you all don't like it.' I've got something to say. I think what's cool about it is, and has been in the last few months with Twitter, is really not being afraid anymore."

Shelton refers to his Tweeting habits, which have cause controversy with everyone from Reba McEntire to PETA.

But Shelton's interview was not to defend his words or justify his newfound I-don't-give-a-crap attitude, but to promote his humorous and slightly un-PC duet with fellow Country artist Trace Adkins. On the recent video shoot for their newest single "Hillybilly Bone," Shelton claimed the set was a full-on laughfest.

"Trace Adkins is one of the funniest people I've ever met in my life," Shelton said. "He has a really kind of grumpy sense of humor that I just worship. He's awesome."

The video, depicting Adkins and Shelton in a fancy restaurant drinking from wine bottles and pouring their own moonshine, is a step in the direction Shelton wants to take his music. "It's puzzled me why Country artists have to be so politically correct. I mean, I'm not a politician. If I'm going to sing about drinking and raising hell then you have to know deep down inside that's what I do. I'm just more open about it lately, and it's amazing the reaction to that," the singer explained.