Dixie Chicks Set to Release New Album Without Lead Singer Natalie Maines


The Dixie Chicks have always been known as a powerful female Country trio. Now, Emily Robinson and Martie Maguire have stepped out and are expected to release their own album as a duo. According to CMT, the two sisters have not yet decided on an album title or what musical direction the album will take, but it has been confirmed that they will release an album on the Columbia label, the same label that the Dixie Chicks are under.

Maguire and Robinson have been cutting a few demos as well as working on individual music projects. Maguire is working on a bluegrass album of fiddle tunes that she learned growing up with an instructional book to accompany it. Robinson played banjo for a couple of the songs on the album, while Scott Vestal played banjo on the rest of the tracks.
Robinson is also demoing some of her own songs. Natalie has played on some of the songs from both of the sisters' individual music endeavors. 

While members of the Chicks are working on personal endeavors, Natalie Maines’ father, Lloyd Maines, who co- produced the Chicks' 2002 album, Home, said the threesome is “definitely still an entity.” He also said that the dynamics of the group have changed over the past few years. They have all enjoyed being out of the Country Music spotlight and tending to their personal lives. The girls have grown up and now have their own kids, who are all in school, which ultimately changes the way things run. As Lloyd put it, “The happy-go-lucky, just-take-off-and-go situation has definitely changed.”

While the Dixie Chicks are expanding their individual talents, the Chicks are still together, but have not yet decided how they might reincarnate their act.