Did Taylor Swift KISS Keith Urban?

Taylor Swift Gives Keith Urban A Surprise KISS     
Hold on there Nicole, not that kind of KISS. Taylor Swift was supposed to join Keith Urban on stage recently to sing “Kiss A Girl” with him. She showed up all right, but with the rest of her band and all of them made-up to look like KISS. Keith was surprised but didn’t miss a beat. Sometimes they use my tongue as a stand-in for Gene Simmons.
Hank Williams Film In The Works?
Word is that a Nashville company is planning to film a movie about the life of Hank Williams sometime in the near future. Details are a bit sketchy though. I hope they do it right cause I sure do love Hank’s music. Sometimes I get so lonesome I cry.
Joe Nichols Wants You To Hear What Military Personnel Believe
Joe Nichols had a film crew with him already recently when touring Iraq and entertaining the troops. After visiting with some troops Joe got the idea of putting the camera on them though. The result is a video available on YouTube that’s a compilation of what our military folks believe in. Here’s a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXoKQZAEEU8&feature=channel_page. 
Nice work Joe.
Other notable news:
  • Josh Turner’s new single “Why Don’t We Just Dance” is available to radio today, Wednesday August 12.
  • Dolly Parton has a new video coming from her single “Change It”. I guess if you don’t like it you can change it to a different channel.
  • Lucinda Williams has announced a tour to celebrate her 30th Anniversary in the biz. Lucinda may not be traditional country but she is dog-gone good.