Curb Records

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The Court Rules in Favor of Curb Records in Part of Their Lawsuit Involving Tim McGraw

Posted by Megan Hagedorn on 06/29/2012
The Court in Nashville has ruled in favor of Curb Records in a chapter of its lawsuit against Tim McGraw -- in which, among other things, Curb Records contends that Tim is still under contr

Curb Records Set To Release New and Final Tim McGraw On Their Label

Curb Records will release Tim McGraw’s latest album, Emotional Traffic, a studio project, on January 24. Curb proclaims this release as a ‘best ever’ creative effo

Tim McGraw Sued By Record Label of 20 Years

Posted by Webb on 05/18/2011
Tim McGraw’s 20-year record deal with Curb Records of Nashville, which turned rocky several years ago, hit a new low last week when Curb filed suit against Tim alleging he has failed to ful

Hank Williams Jr. Kicks Curb Records to the Curb

Posted by Lisa Ann Schleipfer on 07/23/2009

Hank Williams Jr. is calling it quits with his current label, Curb Records.