Country Stars Impersonated on Twitter

Posted by Christina Forte on 12/23/2010
A lot happened in the Country Music world in 2010, but one of the weirder phenomena was the clearly fake celebrity Twitter accounts.
Some of the Twitterers include "Not Kenny Chesney," "Rascal Fats" and "Drunken Martina," just to name a few. These accounts have thousands of followers, including some real celebrities.
Jimmy Wayne admitted, “I started following Drunken Martina for a while, and then this fake person started sayin’ other things about other people, and I found myself freakin’ rollin’ over laughin’. I would even text people and say, ‘You should see this.’”
Although Wayne found Drunken Martina comical, he was not amused when his own fake Twitterer poked fun at his cross-country charity walk.
Fellow singer Jake Owen was less than pleased with some of the comments Not Jake Owen was making as well.
“A lot of these people are my friends,” the real Jake said. “Some of it’s funny, but some of it’s absolutely on the line.”