Coming soon...Webbileaks

Posted by Webb on 12/07/2010
Webb licking.JPG


I’m thinking of starting a new companion web site to CountryHound that will really dish out some dirt on the country music industry, it’s called Webbileaks. Now don’t confuse that with Webby marking bushes or anything like that. It’s different.
What kind of dirt is there to expose in the country music industry you ask? Well it’s every bit as good as some of those Wikileaks posts about diplomats and so forth. Here’s some examples (I can’t really name names yet but this should give you an idea of what’s to come):
  • Did you know some country music stars drink alcohol?
  • It’s a big secret to most people, but the country music record industry is having a hard time getting a handle on how to make money off digital downloads.
  • Some people, get this, actually download country music songs illegally. I know, who’d have thought?
  • There are some country music stars who have been divorced, and some having marital problems. It was news to me too.
  • Have you heard about the proliferation of country music award shows? 
  • Little Jimmy Dickens is not very tall…really.
  • Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are actually happy. I had to pinch myself too.
  • CMT doesn’t play many country music videos. We’re going to tell you all about that.
  • Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton are more than just friends.
  • Why it’s not good to break-up with Taylor Swift.
  • Why some say Nashville is Music City USA…
That’s just a small sampling of some of the top secret stories I’ll be posting for you. Enjoy.