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Posted by sara121 on 11/13/2009

The musical talent of Cher is being shown in many movies but what this year offers may be the chance for the younger viewers to become more familiar with it. In the theatrical musical Burlesque she is partnering with Christina Aguilera. This is Aguilera’s debut on the big screen. And what e debut – to play side by side an icon as Cher!

Tricky Stewart, producer of the score to the movie, revealed that Burlesque will remind us of Chicago, the musical.

Cher’s heroine will be the owner of a burlesque club and a former dancer.

But talking of the past, where the movie plot is set, we have to mention something coming from 1956.

If old cars are your specialty, you wouldn’t want to miss this auction! Cher's Vintage 1956 Ford F100 Pickup is being sold. The pickup has a nickname – “Moonstruck.” The movie star gave the truck this name after the 1987 movie performance for which she won the Oscar for Best Actress.

The story behind Cher’s ownership of the truck and the unique customizations she had installed is an interesting one. Cher had always wanted a pick-up truck and would often talk about her desire amongst her friends. Then out of the blue one of her friends, actor Johnny Depp, spotted a 1956 Ford F100 pickup for sale on the side of the road and immediately called Cher.

When Cher bought the 1956 Ford F100 pickup, she knew it wasn't perfect, but after reading an issue of Custom Classic Trucks, she wanted to know how to get the truck to look like some of the beauties she saw in the magazine. The truck was in decent condition; it had independent front suspension, a 460 V8 engine, a tilt steering wheel, shaved door handles and black primer finish. Except for the front suspension, most of the workmanship was marginal, and the engine was ready for a rebuild. Problems were either apparent or ready to surface.

Cher decided that she wanted the truck black, totally black. We're talking black frame, black suspension, black body, and black interior, so the body had to be flawless.

A sophisticated electronics system was put in that includes the ability to limit engine performance to any speed the owner selects, that way when Cher lets her son Elijah drive the truck, he can't get in over his head.

All the fans of Cher always interested to know about Cher tour dates and Concert schedules to enjoy her performance live!