Carrie Underwood Reveals More Wedding Plans, Or Lack Thereof

Posted by Irene Lee on 04/01/2010
Carrie Underwood hardly has a free second to plan her wedding with fiancé Mike Fisher, but that doesn’t mean she has any plans to run off to Vegas.
"We're not elopers," Underwood told California's K-Frog radio station, according to AOL's "We definitely want our families to be there."
They just aren't sure exactly where "there" will be yet. "My hometown couldn't hold all our families," Underwood joked. "We're working on that!"
The singer and her professional hockey player beau are also trying to pick a date to get married. "We kind of have a working date," she revealed. "There's a lot of stuff to work around, which I know that sounds so silly because it's your wedding date. You should put everything else on hold to get married."
With two crazy schedules between them, Underwood admits that they will have to maintain a balance between two countries. "Home is going to be Nashville and Ottawa," she explained. "I still think I'll be in Nashville more than anything and he'll be in Ottawa more than anything."
Surprisingly, Underwood said she is perfectly fine with the couple having two different homes. "I think it's really good for me because -- this is going to sound crazy because I'm getting married -- but I'm really not great with commitment, and being with somebody all the time. So I think it will be really nice ... We'll be married, of course we'll spend more time together."
The Grammy winner, who has already revealed she will have cupcakes and big hair at her wedding, is nominated for five ACM Awards in April. She just enjoyed her 12th No. 1 hit with "Temporary Home."