Carrie Underwood Is A Teacher's Pet

Reba’s Son Might Be Glad She Wasn’t “Better Mom”
Reba says that though she did a pretty good job raising her son Shelby, she wishes things could have been different. Reba says she wishes she could have raised son Shelby on a farm with “chickens and cows”, according to GACTV. She says she wishes, “he’d have to go out and milk and gather the eggs.” On behalf of Shelby I’d like to say, “yeah, right mom, whatever”.
Big Kenny’s Video Blitz
Big Kenny, the calmer half of super duo Big & Rich, recently completed shooting a video for his solo single, “Long After I’m Gone”, in just 24 hours. It was shot at the farm where he grew up in Virginia. The video is in heavy rotation on CMT and GACTV now. Or you can see it on Kenny says it was great being back where he grew up and learned life’s lessons. His family said he better not leave any dirty dishes lying around or other messes. Woof.
Keith Took Dierks and Jason To The Limit
Keith Urban recently asked tour mates Jason Aldean and Dierks Bentley to join him on stage to sing The Eagle’s hit “Take It To The Limit”. Dierks had to write the lyrics on his forearm so he’d remember them, and Jason taped a cheat sheet to his mic stand. Would have worked out well except Keith, friend that he is, pointed that out to the audience. Keith you dirty dog.
Are You Ready For Songwriting Boot Camp?
Two-time BMI songwriter of the year Jeffrey Steele will host a songwriting boot camp at BMI this September. Only 12 aspiring songwriters will make the cut. Go here for more - . Then drop and give me three words that rhyme with orange. Woof.
Carrie Is A Teacher’s Pet
Carrie Underwood has just signed on as the 2009 spokesperson for  “Behind Every Famous Person Is a Fabulous Teacher”. It is sponsored by a big media company that doesn’t need a plug here. Carrie ought to know about teachers as her mom and two sisters are all educators. I always wanted to be a teacher’s pet. Get it…teacher…pet…never mind. Woof.