Carrie Underwood Encourages Dog Adoption

Posted by Irene Lee on 02/17/2010
Carrie Underwood will appear in a public service announcement encouraging people to adopt dogs from their local shelters. The PSA was sponsored by dog food maker Pedigree, which is also the sponsor of Underwood’s Play On tour.
In the commercial, Underwood explains the benefits of adopting a dog. 
"I can't imagine life without my dog, Ace," she says in the spot. "I've had a passion for animals my entire life. They're such sweet and gentle souls that love you just because you love them back. That's why I'm really excited about the opportunity to partner with The Pedigree Adoption Drive to help get other people involved in this important cause."
Underwood’s Play On tour will be hitting 54 cities across North America from March to June.