Carrie Underwood Avoids Social Networking Sites

If fans expect to stay connected to Carrie Underwood, they shouldn’t expect anything in 140 characters or less. The two-time ACM Entertainer of the Year says social networking tools like Twitter and Facebook aren’t for her.
But Underwood mentions she does blog and answer fans’ questions on her fan club site.
“It's kind of a one-way for people to get their information from” Underwood told ABC’s Good Morning America host Robin Roberts. “I've seen stuff I've said on my blog be picked up by other venues, so anything I say on there will get out.”
The former American Idol champ predicts she would find herself in trouble if she had an outlet like Twitter to release frustrations.
“If I get upset about something and I'm like, 'I'm gonna blog about this,' it will take me awhile to get to my computer and log on and by the time I get on there, the steam is gone. Twitter and Facebook and those things…there’s no time to cool off and think about what you're going to say before you say it. I'd get in trouble,” she said.
The newlywed is currently on her Play On 2010 Tour with opening acts Billy Currington and Sons of Sylvia. While Underwood enjoys the bright lights of a successful headlining tour, she looks forward to performing more intimate shows in the future.
“.…[M]y love is singing, and I could stand in front of a microphone and just do that all day long and be so happy with that,” said Underwood. “So, I think that will go back and forth and just find new ways to keep things interesting for me and the fans.”
The Play On 2010 Tour will wrap in Alberta, Canada, on Dec. 19. For a complete list of tour dates, visit