Bruce Springsteen Inspires Kenny Chesney To Take A Break

Posted by Laura Travis on 09/21/2009

Kenny Chesney's music career has been non-stop since he graduated from college, and after years and years of recording, performing and being on the road, Chesney beleives it's the perfect time for a break.  According to, Chesney said Bruce Springsteen was the one to persuade him to do so. 

Chesney says, "One night when we were playing in New Jersey, Bruce sat on my bus with me and we talked for a couple hours, and he told me something that hit me really hard, and it's stuck with me ever since. He said, 'Kenny, you can write half a song on a piece of paper, and you can put that piece of paper away in a drawer for five years, and you can go back to it, and that song will still be there. But life isn't like that. And whatever you're doing, don't miss your life, too.' And I thought about that all year. I've been giving to one thing for so long that I just realized that had to change."

Chesney doesn't plan on going away forever, he's limiting this break to one year.  He says, ""We'll be back. We're not going away forever. But to make it what I think it can be for the next chapter of my life, those parking lots have got to be empty, at least for my show, for one year."

In the meantime, while Chesney is not touring, look for another album to be in the works as well as his new clothing line.