Blake Shelton Doesn't Give a *Bleep*

Posted by Lisa Ann Schleipfer on 11/05/2009

So in a recent interview with The Tennessean, singer Blake Shelton once again is trying his best to be Country Music's Little Bad Boy That Could.

The singer addresses some of his recent online behavior, most notably in the form of Twitter fights with PETA, and his general consensus on achieving his "Eff it!" attitude. Shelton is quoted as saying:

"The truth is I finally got all my (expletive) paid off. Once you get everything paid off, it's like, '(Who cares) if you all don't like it.' I've got something to say. I think what's cool about it is, and has been in the last few months with Twitter, is really not being afraid anymore."

Um, what does that mean? Once you finish paying off your truck and you no longer have a note on your house, that gives license to do or say whatever you want? That is your reasoning? You, for whatever reason, have a job that is incredibly lucrative and affords you the luxury of not being in debt anymore, so it justifies your ability to say, "I can show you some people on Twitter that hate me. They are probably tree-hugging, card-carrying members of PETA that can kiss my (expletive) anyway."

Hell no.

I hate the phrases "in this day and age" or "in this economy," but they are sadly, a reality. And with people who are struggling to stay in their homes, or losing sleep at night because they may soon or just have lost a job, Shelton is way out of line. Most folks in this country faced with such tough situations would have a much different reaction to finding themselves out of debt, such as gratefulness, thankfulness, gratitude, love, praise and above all... humility.

In short: for shame Shelton, for shame.