Blake Shelton Chats About Lady Gaga and More

Posted by Amy Brownfield on 02/18/2010

This past Tuesday night, Blake Shelton logged onto Facebook and participated in a live chat with his fans. Throughout the chat, Shelton answered numerous questions that ranged from subjects like hunting all the way to pop singer Lady Gaga.

A fan asked Shelton if he was a fan of Lady Gaga, and even though he confessed he doesn’t really know her music, he did admit he likes the way she dresses. He joked about her recent Grammy Award outfit, saying, “some of that stuff could come in handy.” For instance if you’re “sitting next to her in the audience, you could set your beer on her hat. It’s practical.”
Shelton also addressed his absence from Twitter for the past few days, saying that he needed a break because Twitter had become “a little bit of an addiction.” Shelton explained, “About a week ago or two weeks ago, I deleted (the application) off my phone because I wanted a break for two or three weeks…it (also) gives the tree huggers a deep breath knowing I won’t be popping off at ‘em anytime soon.”
Shelton was asked if he had interest in pursuing acting roles in the future answering, “It’s not like anybody is beating down my doors. I have read for some parts, gotten a part or two for movies that never were made. I think I'm doing what I was meant to do. God's plan was for me to be a Country singer."

Shelton also disclosed that in addition to his Hillbilly Bone album, which will be released in a few weeks, there will be another album released this summer and hopefully one in the fall as well. "If I find a great song or write a great a matter of months, I can get it to the fans," said Shelton.
Hillbilly Bone hits stores March 2.