Blake Shelton Challenges Himself With New Album

Blake Shelton's new album, Red River Blue, includes his No. 1 hit, "Honey Bee," along with a track that he says really tested his vocal abilities. 
When presented with the song,  titled "I'm Sorry,"  Shelton was not sure if it was in his range; but after trying it out, he even surprised himself. According to Shelton, the only thing missing was the perfect harmony, which is where Martina McBride came in.
After Shelton finally worked up the courage to ask, McBride agreed to sing alongside Shelton, which he believes makes all the difference. 
Red River Blue is Shelton's ninth studio album and is set to hit stores Tuesday, July 12.
According to The Boot, Shelton said, "There's a handful of things that people would expect from me about in-breeding and drinking and dogs stuck together and stuff like that, but there will be plenty of positive, fun love songs, because that's where I'm at right now."
Track Listing for Red River Blue:
1. Honey Bee
2. Ready To Roll
3. God Gave Me You
4. Get Some
5. Drink On It
6. Good Ol' Boys
7. I'm Sorry
8. Sunny In Seattle
9. Over
10. Hey
11. Red River Blue