Bill Anderson's Autograph Saves The Day

Posted by Sandy Paul on 07/17/2008

Who says Country Music stars can’t solve crimes?

Country singer-songwriter Bill Anderson got a taste of crime solving recently when a guitar he autographed three months earlier turned up at a pawn shop and was identified by his signature.

The guitar belonged to Stokes Neilson of The Lost Trailers and was signed by Anderson during the band’s first appearance on The Opry. Three months later, the guitar was stolen and band members never expected to see it again.

A Nashville police officer recognized the Grand Ole Opry star’s autograph and, after checking his files, found that Anderson’s signature was listed as an identifying factor on the stolen instrument. The guitar has been returned.

"I'm absolutely thrilled for everyone,” Anderson said. “Not only did that 'hot' guitar get returned, but The Lost Trailers are also plenty 'hot' themselves these days as an act. I just wish that every autograph I've signed could prove to be as worthwhile as that one!"