Big & Rich Perform at "8th of November" Memorial

Posted by Sandy Paul on 07/10/2008

On Friday, June 11, Country Music duo Big & Rich will sing at the official groundbreaking ceremony for the 173rd Airborne Brigade Memorial outside Fort Benning, Ga. The duo will perform their song the “8th of November,” which portrays the story of the 173rd Airborne Brigade who lost 48 soldiers during an attack on Nov. 8, 1965 in Vietnam. The artists learned about the battle, dubbed “Operation Hump,” from Niles Harris, a 173rd veteran they met in 2002. The memorial will include all the names of the “Sky Soldiers” who lost their lives while serving in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, according to The Tennessean. In 2006, Big & Rich along with Cowboy Troy, Lynyrd Skynyrd, John Anderson and The Lost Trailers performed at a benefit concert in Atlanta to raise $350,000 of the $650,000 needed for the project’s budget. "It's a really big deal, especially with (America) being in the situation like that right now," Big & Rich artist Big Kenny said. "Every time I go down and visit one of these hospitals and see these young guys and gals who have put their selves, their bodies, on the line, I just can't imagine it. I know it means a lot to all of the families and all of the guys still in the Airborne." If you would like to know more information about the memorial, or would like to make donations, visit