Beyonce Concerts

Posted by sara121 on 10/05/2009

Beyonce is nominated for a MOBO won't be in Scotland for the awards. That became a big problem when she was accused of her not attending the event in Glasgow because the city is too "white".

The diva claims: "That's just not true." The real reason for many stars to skip the MOBOs, according to an insider, is that the organizers would fail locking the date for the show. Beyonce schedule is full and locked for the next two years. Glasgow was one of the cities that the famous singer visited on her last tour in the UK and she thought the audience was wonderful.

Meanwhile Beyonce thrilled patients at a cancer ward in Singapore. The R&B superstar visited the National University Hospital and sang an acoustic version of her hit Halo. She said: "We came here to do a little performance and I brought some members of my band."

But even that performance wasn’t cloudless. The 'Single Ladies' star was performing at the concert and had ordered her entourage to get her the largest dressing area backstage. However, Lohan, who was hosting the event had already claimed the room for herself having arrived earlier.

The 'Mean Girls' star had to back out and was forced to vacate the room, reported Daily Mirror online.

In the same time Beyonce is rumored to be in talks to star in a remake of A Star Is Born.

The musical is to be remade by Warner Bros, who according to The Hollywood Reporter have hired up-and-coming writer Will Fetters to draft the script.

Beyonce - who starred in Oscar-winning movie Dreamgirls - has been linked to the project but it has not been confirmed that she will star.