Bette Midler

Posted by sara121 on 10/01/2009

Bette Midler has a true passion about beauty in every area of life but especially one that we all share – the face of our city. Her last project – the New York Restoration Project (NYRP) is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing and revitalizing parks, community gardens and public space in New York City. October 6, 2009 will see the upcoming opening of the Target Bronx Community Garden.

Another popular TV face has given his share in this refreshing activity. Nationally acclaimed designer and television host Sean Conway has designed the garden. His plan joins two existing community gardens creating a gathering space for neighborhood activity as well as a refuge for quiet contemplation. These are the large Anderson Community Garden - a joyful gathering space, welcoming neighbors and children from the elementary school across the street for more than 25 years; and the Woodycrest Community Garden which is a small parcel of land that has become an unofficial memorial in tribute to those lost in a fire in 2007.The new space to be created will be of multipurpose.

Bette Midler, founder of the NYRP, believes that Target is not merely another oasis in a neighborhood, but an investment in the future of the whole city.

If you live in New York and especially if your home is close to Bronx, don’t forget – on Saturday, October 10, the Target Bronx Community Garden will host NYRP’s annual Harvest Festival. Bette Midler’s project will once again engage local families and students in celebrating the season and urban agriculture. This year’s festival will include cooking demonstrations, arts and crafts, garden tours and a live concert which will feature the well known band Yerba Buena.

Make your plans according to this special event and don’t miss the opportunity to look at your neighborhood with new eyes! Bette Midler and Sean Conway are giving this present to the community starting October 6!

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