Steve Azar Offers "Soldier Song" for Free

Posted by amyclark on 08/19/2008

11/13/2007 Stephen L. Betts Steve Azar is partnering with his tour sponsor On the Run at Exxon to offer fans a free music download of “The Soldier Song,” a song which he wrote as a personal tribute to the troops. The song will be exclusively available on from Sunday, Nov. 18 - Saturday, Nov. 24. Steve says he wrote “The Solider Song” from the perspective of a soldier who’s been away from home an extended length of time, reflecting on what they might have missed while being away. A soldier’s separation can sometimes last a year or even longer, putting serious strain on a family. “By the time I wrapped the tour with Bob Seger earlier this year, I was exhausted and really missing home and my family. It got me thinking about how the troops overseas must feel,” explains Steve. “Although leaving my family for a tour is so trivial by comparison and comes no where close to what a soldier and his family must go through, I imagine I experience some of those same emotions that being gone away from home can bring. “ On Sunday, Nov. 18, Steve will perform “The Soldier Song” during halftime at the NFL showdown between the Houston Texans and New Orleans Saints, as part of their Military Appreciation Day.