Anthony Smith Launches Own Record Label

Posted by Laura Travis on 02/08/2010

Award winning singer-songwriter Anthony Smith annouced the launch of his own record label, Krankit Records. Smith, who has written songs for George Strait, Tim McGraw, Trace Adkins, Trisha Yearwood and several other artists, is releasing his new album, Sunshine, off of Krankit Records. The first single and video from Sunshine will be "Love Is Love Is Love."

Smith said, "This is a special record and I want to put my own stamp on Country Music with its release.  We are very proud of Krankit and what it stands for and feel strongly that this will be the first of many successes that the label enjoys." 

Krankit Records, LLC is a joint venture with Artist Garage, LLC who distributes through Fontana which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Universal Music Group.  Mike Regan, of Artist Garage, LLC, will serve as the director of operations for the label while Larry Pareigis and Nine North are the radio promotions partners . Jules Wortman of Wortman Works Media and Marketing as well as Nicole Cochran of Nic of Time Communications will run public relations and media for the label.