Alan Jackson's Daughter Writes Treatment for His Latest Video

Posted by Sarah Norton on 02/22/2010

“It’s Just That Way,” the first video from Alan Jackson’s upcoming album, Freight Train, premieres today, and it's a video near and dear to Jackson's heart.
The video treatment was written by Jackson's oldest daughter, Mattie. Filmed at an old antebellum farmhouse in Spring Hill, Tenn., and at various locations in Tampa, Fla., the video depicts a charming and whimsical story.
"We looked at a lot of treatments, but hers was the best,” said Jackson. “I was so proud when everyone picked it.”
“It's Just That Way” was written by Keith Stegall, Vicky McGehee and Kylie Sackley, but Jackson said, “It's such a beautiful melody, I wish I'd written it myself.”
“The video depicts a backwards reality, with metaphors of nature's undeniable realities,” Mattie wrote in her treatment.  “And illustrates a love that is as pure and dependable as the sun rising in the sky.” Mattie is a sophomore at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.
Jackson’s 18th studio album, Freight Train, will be released March 30. It was produced by longtime collaborator Keith Stegall and features 12 songs, eight of which were written by Jackson.
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