A Hound Dog Christmas Story

Posted by Webb on 12/22/2010
Everyone knows the story of Christmas from people’s point of view. I thought it might be nice for me to enlighten you to the hound’s version of the holiday season since most hounds do not have their own blog to do so.
In the beginning God created dogs. He made their name the same as His spelled backwards because He wanted them to be full of love, just as He is. Then He went on to create all the things dogs needed – rabbits, squirrels, cats & cars to chase; Purina, chew bones, and of course humans (which God knew needed dogs to take care of them).
Anyway, the first two dogs, Spot and Lady, lived in the Garden of Canine, and they had all they wanted there. All they had to do was sit, stay, and fetch when God wanted them to. But God forbad them from getting on the bed. Well, one day, a snake came along and convinced Lady that the bed was soft and comfortable, and smelled just like their master, God. So Lady jumped up on the bed and then went and got Spot and told him it was okay too. God was not very happy with this so he told them they’d have to stay in the yard all the time, bark to communicate, wear collars, and eat WalMart dog food. Spot and Lady were very sad. They cried.
Finally God felt sad for the dogs so he promised to send a Savior who would free dogs from their sin and allow them to live in the house again, if they were good. God so loved the dogs that he chose one of his favorite breeds of dog, the Bloodhound, to come into this world to suffer for their sins. 
So on that first Christmas day long ago in Bethlehem, a pup was born to a female Bloodhound that had been spayed. His chosen hound’s name was Duke. 
Duke came and lived an exemplary life on earth, showing humans how to love unconditionally and always greet each other with a smile.
Then one day some neighbor kid accused Duke of taking a sandwich off the table the boy had left sitting there. So to save all of mankind, and dogkind, this brave Bloodhound was persecuted by forcing him to stay in his crate 2 hours. Though this was sadder than sad, everyone learned that God so loved us that he’d send his favorite Bloodhound to suffer for and save us. 
And Duke completed his mission on earth of teaching humans how to love unconditionally. 
And that’s why Christmas is such a beautiful time. Woof.