A Hockey Wedding For Carrie Underwood?

Webb saying wait for me Pa

Carrie Underwood Could Have A Hockey Wedding

Carrie Underwood tells Dial Global that her fiancé, hockey player Mike Fisher, is more involved in their wedding plans than he admits. Carrie says he weighs in on most matters related to the wedding. So is she going to be Carrie Fisher? That sounds vaguely familiar? I wonder if he’ll ice the ring.
Taylor Swift Is Such A Comic
Comic book producer Blue Water Productions is releasing a series of unauthorized biography comics on stars like 50-cent…and Taylor Swift. The series is called Fame. Unauthorized bios by comic book publishers? What’s this world coming to?
What Do Daily & Vincent, The Statler Brothers, & Cracker Barrel Have In Common?
Well it isn’t the Country Boy Breakfast. Daily & Vincent are releasing a compilation of Statler Brothers hits to be distributed through Cracker Barrel. For those of you who don’t know, Cracker Barrel is a chain of restaurant/country store locations throughout a lot of the U.S. They are headquartered just outside Nashville. They sell a mighty fine bowl of beans.
Salute to Kellie Pickler
Kellie Pickler is headed off soon for her 3rd USO Tour to entertain the troops overseas. Very very nice of you Kellie. Check her out in the January issue of Health Magazine too. She’s big on eating right and exercising. I’m not.
Eric Church Soon To Kick-Off Jagermeister Tour
That’s right, his 2010 tour is sponsored by Jagermeister. Oye, gives me a bad headache and dry heaves just thinking about it. 
Gloriana on Ellen DeGeneres Show
The hot and rising country music group will be on the Ellen DeGeneres Show next Wednesday, January 13. I wonder if Ellen will scare the hell out of them in their dressing room like she did Taylor Swift. I thought Taylor was going to pee in her pants. 
Keep Jimmy Wayne In Your Thoughts & Prayers
He’s trudging along on his Walk Halfway Across America to raise awareness and money for the homeless. He’s trekking through some extremely cold temperatures in Tennessee right now. It’s enough to make a weaker man sit and stay.