What would you like to ask Taylor Swift?

Posted by Webb on 10/10/2008

My tails wagging so fast I can't control it.  Looks like I've been thrown a real bone and will get to interview Country Music sweetheart Taylor Swift next week.  Woof!  I'm about as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs about it, and I need your help coming up with some questions.taylor-swift-interviewHere's what I have so far:

  • What's your favorite dog food?
  • Who's your favorite dog from the entertainment world?
  • Who's your favorite dog that has his own country music web site?
  • Have you ever had an "accident" in the house?
  • Are you totally housebroken?
  • Do you like to chase cars?
  • Why are squirrels and rabbits so hard to catch?
  • Why aren't humans as happy as dogs?
  • Does your leg move uncontrollably when someone scratches your rib cage?
  • Don't you find how vets check you a little degrading?

Webb Interviews Taylor SwiftAs you can see, I need a little help here.  So what would you like to ask Taylor Swift?  Comment below, or send your suggestions to webb@countryhound.com and I'll try to use them, and not chew them into pieces.  Woof.