Webb's Tracked Down All The CMA Awards Info You Need

Posted by Webb on 11/07/2008

I’m laying here on the futon with my friend Kevin watching 30 Rock.  Well he’s watching it.  I’m just trying to snooze, but I can’t believe that lady that ran for Vice President stars on that show.  America is the land of opportunity I guess.  Its nice to not have to watch election stuff on tv.  I was kind of tired of all that election stuff.  There were a lot more yard signs to mark this time though.  That was fun.    I love this time of year when the leaves are changing and falling, when the dew is a little heavier in the mornings and there’s a chill that warms up quickly.  I like the longer shadows this time of year too.  All this reminds me that it must be time for the CMA Awards soon.  That’s what makes it the best time of year.Webb Panting   You know I’m a bit of an expert on the CMA Awards.  I can woof off facts about them at the drop of a bone.  Things like:

  • The first awards ceremony was in 1967, and Eddie Arnold won Entertainer of the Year.
  • The ceremony was first broadcast on television in 1969.
  • Willie Nelson won Entertainer of the Year in 1979
  • Johnny Cash was Entertainer of the Year in 1969, the same year Tammy Wynette won Female Vocalist of the Year.

  How much do you know about the 2008 CMA Awards?  Here’s a question for you:  While Alan Jackson holds the title of most nominated artist in CMA Awards history, which Album of the Year nominee can claim the title of the most Award wins in the history of the CMA Awards?   Answer: Brooks & Dunn have won the most CMA Award trophies, a total of 19. The duo took home the Entertainer of the Year honor in 2006, but the bulk of their CMA Awards came from their record-setting 14 wins as Vocal Duo of the Year. Also nominated for Vocal Duo of the Year again this year, Brooks & Dunn are poised to extend their lead.  Yes I know, you think I’m a pretty smart dog by now.  Well, I do know how to search.  I found this information and a barn-full more on my favorite site for country music news and entertainment, CountryHound.    They’ve got a full list of this year’s nominees, a schedule of events happening next week before the show Wednesday, November 12; and all kinds of trivia about the awards they borrowed from the Country Music Association.  That Tracy Morgan is funny.  So whatever you want to know about the 2008 CMA Music Awards, I hope you find on my…I mean…their site.  ;)  But I do wonder, if America is the land of opportunity where anything is possible, why can’t the CMA at least give a dog a chance to win something with a category like Hound of the Year?  Woof. PS - Keep up with me (I like to run) at all my social places, just visit my social page.