Webb's 2008 Summer Olympics Coverage Live From His Favorite Chair

Posted by Webb on 08/11/2008

I've loved the Olympics ever since I was a pup. There's so much magic to them. All the countries coming together to compete, the athlete's preparation, the athlete's commitment to a goal, the stories behind some of the athletes, the surprise victories, the opening ceremonies, and all the different competitions are just so intriguing.

So I was pretty excited Friday, pacing around and scratching a lot in anticipation of watching the opening ceremonies for the 2008 Summer Olympics. And when the ceremonies were over all I could say is...dawg!

The opening ceremony was just incredible. China earns a gold medal in my book for their spectacular ceremony. The work that must have gone into creating and coordinating that event is just mind-boggling. So congrats to them on that.

And once the events got started, I just couldn't leave the living room floor except for an occasional break in the backyard. I do probably like swimming the best, even if they don't have a dog-paddle event. Watching Michael Phelps go for the gold medal record is pretty exciting.

Of course gymnastics was good (you go United States women fighting through adversity and injuries). Synchronized diving was pretty neat too...such talent. I even watched clay shooting for a little bit. Its funny the things we will watch when they're in the Olympics that we wouldn't under other circumstances. Beach volleyball is fun too.

Oh yes, and I got my fill of seeing President George W. there too. I think if they gave a gold medal for awkwardness he'd be a serious contender. Okay, got to get a little rest now so I can plop myself in front of the tv soon and get back into the 2008 Summer Olympics.