Think Times Are Tough? Be Thankful You're Not A Stray.

Posted by Webb on 10/23/2008

You don’t have to be human to know the economy is putting some major hurt on a lot of people now.  I’ve even had to cut back on treats and chew bones myself.  But it seems like no matter how bad most of us have it, there’s always someone else more in need of help, like my friends at the Nashville Humane Association.Imagine you were born into this world by a mom who just couldn’t take care of you.  Maybe your journey started out better than that, but one thing lead to another and you found yourself homeless.  It could be you had a very nice home just recently, but got lost without identification, and ended up here. All you really want is someone to show you a little love, which you’ll pour on them regardless.  A warm place to sleep at night and enough food to get by for a day is about all else you’ll need.  Little play time wouldn’t be bad.  Maybe a nice bone every once in a while would work.  Perhaps a steak…okay that’s pushing it. Anyway, this hound wants you to help me help some of my dog and cat brothers and sisters (okay the cats are like third cousins) who are homeless.  You can become one of Webb’s Humane Heroes.  Here’s an easy way to help even if you cannot take in a dog or cat for adoption. Webb and Laura BrynaWebb and Laura Bryna  My friend Laura Bryna has been very kind to help me with this campaign.  She put up with getting her picture taken with me and is offering a free download of her new single “Hometown Heroes” (off her Trying To Be Me cd) if you donate at least $20.  You can actually make your donation online through the Nashville Humane Association’s site.     You can see more info about Webb’s Humane Heroes on the bottom left of CountryHound’s home page, or just click here to get more information and link to the donation page on the Humane Association’s website.  Please make a donation.  These dogs and cats are depending on you.  Woof.